Feel & Remember • the translation of the danish words - fole & husk.

This is the core of why we do what we do. We want you to feel & remember. I started This Candle Studio based on a burning passion for closeness, togetherness, and "Hygge". This has now evolved into a desire to design candles that evoke these very emotions in our homes & with loved ones. 

In today's world we are constantly forced to compare, consume, and push to be better - we end up losing sight of the things that truly matter, truly makes us happy, and refills the tank to pursue our deepest desires & dreams. This studio is a place we'd like you to call home. A space that would offer you the simple, beautiful, and thoughtful things that makes you, you! The things to help us all slow down, to help us connect with those around us, and to help us stay in touch with thoughts of celebration, contentment, and joy.

The Danish concept of hygge, or hyggelig (adj.), refers to finding comfort, pleasure, and warmth in simple, soothing things such as a cozy atmosphere or the feeling of friendship. The Scandinavian term encompasses a feeling of coziness, contentment, and well-being found through cherishing the little things.


A Little More about us:

After our time in Europe, we discovered the real meaning behind Hygge for the first time in our lives. A dear friend bought me a book about the Danish lifestyle and it was basically the most perfect timing. My husband and I have always been super driven & enthusiastic entrepreneurs, always striving for more in life but in certain seasons we missed the plot completely due to our lack of appreciating the things that truly matters. This book made me see the value of focussing on what makes us tick as human beings. The small, simple, and easy things we can do that would change our whole environment, mindset, and contentment completely. I set out on this pursuit to put these thoughts into action & change the way we value ourselves and the time we spend with the ones we love. Together with a deep desire to invite more people into this mindset, I decided to do it in form of candles - something that brings us together & creates an atmosphere of joy & intentional focus. 


Our Dream for every Candle piece is that it will evoke a sense of feeling - and a desire to share it in such a way that it would always be remembered.
- Lisa Verster


Feel & Remember - Designer Styled Candles made in Cape Town, South Africa.

Love, The F&R Team.